Hey Phat Chick! (Ya Got It Comin' to Ya!)

by Phat Man Dee & The Cultural District

Released 2014
Released 2014
Phat Man Dee is an old-fashioned torch singer with a number of new twists. She sings her original compositions & eclectic repertoire of standards in multiple languages! Her 7 piece band is comprised by the finest jazz warriors on scene in Pittsburgh, PA!
Phat Man Dee is a cosmic jazz cabaret vocalist, bandleader, events producer, videographer, poet and part time sideshow marvel. She regularly appears with both her jazz group “The Cultural District” and the sideshow burlesque group “Kabarett Vulgare”. She performs live approximately 100 dates a year in nightclubs, theaters, educational facilities, private events and festivals in the Mid Atlantic and California coastal regions. She has been voted in the Pittsburgh City Paper’s Readers’ Polls of 2010-2014 as one of the top 3 local jazz acts.

Phat Man Dee is an old-fashioned jazz torch singer with a number of new twists. She sings & duets her original compositions and eclectic repertoire of standards in English, Spanish, French and sometimes German and Hebrew. Her performance range is just as wide, spanning opera, theater and burlesque. From blues to filk, from opera to indie, Mandee’s range is nothing short of breathtaking. Her 4 independently produced CDs include Life Just Goes On, Torch of Blue, Merry ChristmaChannaKwanzaa Vol 1.1. and her most recent release “Hey Phat Chick!” was released September 24, 2014 in a grand event at Mr Small’s Theatre in Milvale, PA.

Press Quotes

Scott Mervis of Pittsburgh Post Gazette, September 23, 2014:
““They (Phat Man Dee and her husband Tommy Amoeba) are Pittsburgh’s First Couple of the Bizarre — musically speaking... Phat Man Dee and Tommy Amoeba, known for their DIY sounds and freak-show antics onstage, would seem to be perfectly suited for each other and, appropriately, were married atop a pink elephant float during a parade down Carson Street in 2002. But, as their tagline goes, “She’s a little jazzy and he’s a little bit rawk and roll!”

Rusty Blazenhoff Laughingsquid, 2011
“Jazz diva Phat Man Dee has released her festive “multicultural holiday album”, Phat Man Dee & Friends “Merry ChristmaChannahKwanzaa Vol 1.1. It features both “original and traditional holiday tunes in Mandee’s native Picksburghese, as well as French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Latin and English”.

Frank DeBlase of Rochester, NY's City Paper, 2011:"This woman is as zaftig as she is zany. It's the perfect marriage of a beautiful voice and a twisted mind, kind of like Karen Black in a more cabaret setting. But it isn't all high-brow low-jinx; Phat Man Dee has a set of powerful pipes behind her exquisite phrasing.

Andy Mulkerin, Pittsburgh City Paper, September 7, 2014:
“It was a classic tale of boy-who-dresses-up-as-a-caterpillar-and-yells meets girl-who- swallows-glass, that day back in 2000 when Phat Man Dee first encountered Tommy Amoeba. ..Now, 14 years later, Man Dee and Tommy have been married over a decade and are basically local music-and-performance legends”

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