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This is by no means a complete list, it was compiled by Roy JonesLilith DorseyLorrie Wood, and Phat Man Dee for use in their workshops about confronting racism and cultural appropriation in modern pagan culture. 

 Identity and Difference

Why is This Happening (podcast)  Rethinking Identity Chris Hayes with Kwame Anthony Appiah 


The Scholar who Shaped History, a review of The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Emancipation by David Brion Davis 


Why Do So Many Researchers Still Treat Race as a Scientific Concept?


White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo


White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots by Adam Serwer 


White people assume niceness is the answer to racial inequality. It's not by Robin diAngelo 


Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race by Reni Eddo-Lodge 


By and about Ibram X. Kendi


The Day ‘Shithole’ Entered the Presidential Lexicon by Ibram X. Kendi


The racism of good intentions by Carlos Lozada


A review of "Stamped From the Beginning" by Ibram X. Kendi


A Reading List for Ralph Northam by Ibram X. Kendi 


Racism in Alternative Spirituality

Racism and Recognition in the Pagan Community with Lilith Dorsey and Tehron Gillis

Aryans in Arcadia 


The Unbearable Whiteness of Being Pagan: Some Observations on White Fragility in Esoteric Spiritual Movements 


Dismantling The Widespread White Advantage in Witchcraft by Cyndi Brannen 


Racists Are Threatening to Take Over Paganism 


What To Do When Racists Try To Hijack Your Religion 


Who Owns the Vikings? Pagans, Neo-Nazis and Advertisers Tussle Over Symbols 


Racist Music, Neo-Paganism and Nationalism Drive Growth of Hate Movement


Cultural Appropriation

 Eating the Other: Desire and Resistance  by Bell Hooks


New Video Witchcraft & Voodoo : Cultural Appropriation by Lilith Dorsey



Anti-Racism Defined 


15 ways to strengthen anti-racist practice 


Confronting racism is not about the needs and feelings of white people by Ijeoma Oluo 


 This is what an antiracist America would look like. How do we get there? by Ibram X Kendi


An Antiracist Reading List by Ibram X. Kendi


Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry