Love means doing whatʼs best for those you love, not whatʼs best for you. I love our scene with every cell in my body, and I want to sing to you in person so much. I miss my band. Like, I dream about them. I miss my fans. I miss hugging you, but I take my role very seriously and I will do my very best to never lead those who trust me down dangerous and life-threatening paths. Until I can sing to you in person, you can catch me live and pre-record on the internet, and I hope to see you there too.” - Phat Man Dee
One Last WHIRL: Local Singer Phat Man Dee Is The Star Of The Show! When local singer Phat Man Dee walks into a room, she brings a ray of sunshine. Well, it’s more like a ray of sparkles! ” - Rachel Jones

Whirl Magazine

Grantee Spotlight | Creating Community with the support of a Love My Neighbor! Love My Neighbor! Grantee Phat Man Dee hosts monthly jam sessions atBlack Forge Coffee House! ” - Chelsea Contino

Neighborhood Allies Grantee Spotlight 2019

Phat Man Dee and Tommy Amoeba celebrate twin albums  The two have been married over a decade and are basically local music-and-performance legends...” - Andy Mulkerin

Pittsburgh City Paper

Music Preview: Phat Man Dee's 'Torch' songs strike 'blue gold'   Once you get beyond the awe of Phat Man Dee, you quickly realize she has a positive personality and can really sing. Really.” - Nate Guidry

Pittsburgh Post Gazette