Phat Man Dee has been a vocal student for over 25 years and a vocal coach for 6. Mandee studied voice with Mrs. O'Labrice Beckholm, Beth Claussen Vocal Studios, Dr. James Johnson at Afro American Music Institute, and Korel Tunador of Vocology in Practice. ManDee's Vocal Studio is meant to be a temple of vocal and creative empowerment. We will work on exercises that will help develop safe vocal habits, build strength, agility, and focus on manifesting your creative goals! 

She has been coaching vocal students at the Afro American Music Institute since 2016, Creative Life Support's We Rock Workshop since 2015, as well as several private vocal students. She started her monthly jam session Tune It! Tuesday to give a venue to young artist's, so her students could have a safe non alcohol centered space to work out their material. 

Mandee's vocal manifesto is "Sing in health, sing in tune and in time, sing in love and sonic celebration of yourself, and those around you." 

Reach out to Man Dee today to begin your exploration and journey into creative and vocal empowerment!