Save You Save Me

Phat Man Dee - featuring Julie Slim, Geña, Mathew Tembo, and Sara Stock Mayo

Phat Man Dee is thrilled to announce the release of her latest single “Save you Save Me”

This song came to Phat Man Dee in a dream, and she woke up singing the chorus: "You want me to save you, I want you to save me, but we've got to save each other if we're going to be free..." In the dream she was singing in hundreds of languages, so when it came time to record it she found vocalists to help her sing it in Arabic, French, Hebrew, Spanish and Chewa. Guest vocalists feature are Julie Slim (French, Arabic), Sara Stock Mayo (Hebrew), Geña Musica (Spanish), and Mathew Tembo (Chewa). The musicians featured are keyboardist Andre "Chez" Lewis (Brooklyn, NY), bassist Tony DePaolis (Pittsburgh, PA), and percussionist Brian E. Edwards (Pittsburgh, PA).

Julie, Andre, Brian, and Tony recorded at home studios due to the pandemic, though Mandee, Sara and Geña's vocals were recorded by engineer Larry Luther at Mr Smalls Recording and Mastering Studio. Mathew Tembo recorded with engineer Zamba Anamela at MOA Studios in Lusaka, Zambia. The track was mixed and mastered by Larry Luther at Mr Small's Recording and Mastering studio.

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