From the recording Songs to Fight Fascists By

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Was it Cesar Chavez,
Rosa Parks or Dorothy day?
Some say Dr. King or Ghandi

Set them on their way

No matter who your mentors are
It’s pretty plain to see

That if you’ve been to jail for justice

You’re in good company

Have you been to jail for justice?
I want to shake your hand

‘Cause sitting in and laying down

Are ways to take a stand
Have you sung a song for freedom

Or marched that picket line?

Have you been to jail for justice?

Then you’re a friend of mine

You law abiding citizens

Come listen to this song
Laws are made by people

And people can be wrong

Once unions were against the law
But slavery was fine

Women were denied the vote
While children worked the mine
The more you study history

 mandy high, liz low
The less you can deny it

A rotten law stays on the books
‘til folks with guts defy it!

Well the law is supposed to serve us

And so are the police

But when the system fails

It’s up to us to speak our piece

We must be ever vigilant

For justice to prevail

So get courage from your convictions
Let ‘em haul you off to jail!