From the recording A Thousand Miles


There’s a bigger smile on your face
Since you found the truth
Yes a bigger smile on your face
Now that you’re cut loose
Once you finally climb to the top then you see
You’ve got to be you oh oh
I’ve got to be me

I can see the light back in your eyes now you've had to choose
‘Tween the old and new parts you’d always hid from view
Somewhere deep inside I think you already knew
I got to be me, whoa you've gotta to be you

Be who you are and say what you feel
It doesn’t matter you just got to be real
You can’t be someone else - you are who you are
If you try to dim your shine then you can’t be a star

You’ll see every star in the sky
From dusk til dawn
There’s a brighter swing in our step
Now they've changed the song
We can move on , you be you, I'll be me
It’s been a lovely dance , now we’ve changed the song
to one that makes us move , ooh ooh and makes a bigger smile