From the recording A Thousand Miles


Sonic wash excoriates my soul in the sensation that embodies groovelight
It holds down and sends forth jazz transmissions
To inner outer space and beyond
Aural prestidigitation promotes polytemporaneous horn lines mixed with siren calls
Hands clap and bend the very circuits of the universe
simultaneously threatening and consoling as the wind harmonizes with itself
Bass throbs
Modes twist
drums wowl
vibrato arpeggion
Cymbals singin and swingin in the driving rain
Chordal beauty in seemingly deceptively dissonant orchestrations
Improvisational telepathically enthusiastic consensusastional
No extra drugs necessary for this trip
Reality bends itself to fit these multi rhythmnational subrealities
Saxophone and trumpet host congressional debates
Bass and drums agree to let them disagree whilst striving to continue driving this angelionic choir
While the trombone and piano have the final word
Isn’t it absurd?
If all the leaders in all the lands studied some of the jazz maybe they could learn to fucking listen
Imagine if legislators knew the words to God Bless the Child and Freedom Jazz Dance
Because Miles Davis walked off the stage, that’s what the folks are all saying!
But I digress because
We are so deep in this mess right now
We are out there in that howling wind of attack jazz and
Everyone else wishes they can be here with us without understanding they already are
We are all in this together and we need to learn the world how to feel the beat and make it sweet
Now the sound is pulling you down as the alto wails like its stadium bound
Former rock gods cower in fear of this jazz army armed with flat 9s and dominant 7s that have not come to negotiate
But worry not, rock jock
No prisoners are taken for once we find this groove we all follow willingly
Ready to soldier forth into the transdimensional journey into Groovelight
True light
Move light
Groove light
Grooving lightly